Monday, May 28, 2012

Rejection, Peas and Carbonara

The saying "dream big" is something I take seriously, I mean, why on earth not? It's free and so long as the dream's realistic, it's not hurting anyone. I have a lot of dreams particularly on where I want to be in life. For those who have known me for a really long time, they know that my biggest dream is to go to the U.K. The United Kingdom, my dream country, Kent, my dream county, a house by the lake, my dream setting, you get the picture. So who could blame me for applying for a job based in London?

First of all, let me just say that there are loads of job opportunities in the web that I don't get how a lot of people are unemployed. Anyway, with my love for food, I decided to try and apply for food networks, after applying to food writing gigs (which I never received a reply from - ergo, making a blog). I applied for a position in London for Discovery Travel & Living for a job I'm not quite sure what anymore. Two weeks later, I get a reply saying that they will go with someone else - probably someone whom they don't need to fly to London from Manila.

I didn't really expect to get the job, did I? But it was worth a shot! Maybe next time when I apply, they will consider me, when I have enough experience and a working visa.

Speaking of rejection, why don't a lot of people like peas? What's wrong with peas? I love peas! I love them in my Arroz ala Cubana or in a snack pack, processed with MSG. They're fun to eat and I love the texture, so I added them to carbonara! Now this isn't the fake carbonara, this the real stuff where you crack an egg and let the pasta cook it on the plate, away from the stove. Icky? Scary? Sure, but delicious.

I never would have thought of adding peas to carbonara until I read Jamie Oliver's recipe for it. So I decided to jazz up my typical carbonara and add peas!

Typically, start by boiling your pasta. I recommend spaghetti or linguine for carbonara especially, so that the egg mixes in well to the pasta when you're mixing. To save time and effort from washing dishes later, cook the frozen peas in your pot of pasta water and just scoop the peas out when they're done, before you add the pasta.

Cook the bacon until it's crispy enough to your liking.

Then prepare your egg mixture. Crack on a plate, scramble and grate some sharp cheese on it like Parmegiano. I used Pecorino Romano which is made from sheep's milk, hard and salty, perfect for carbonara. Season with salt and pepper, and chili flakes if you like.

When the pasta's al dente, not too firm, not too soft, scoop them out of the pot. Don't drain them! You'll want some of the water from the pot to mix in to create that saucy texture. Mix it with the bacon and the fat.

Then mix it on the plate with your eggs and cheese. Mix well, and you'll see it making a sauce on the bottom and sides from the eggs, pasta water and bacon fat.

Add the peas on top and eat while hot.

If you're not too keen on eating eggs like that, or if you feel that the eggs need a little more cooking, then put the pasta back on the pan and heat for about thirty seconds. Mmmmmm. Carbs. Yum.

Get fat. Love,

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