Monday, July 9, 2012

Croissants: The First Attempt

Did I really expect to be successful in making croissants for the first time? The answer is: yes. Yes I did think I could make croissants. Foolish me, I haven't even made bread on here, yet I actually thought I could pull off making croissants.

Obviously, my first attempt at making croissants was abysmal. My dough was not smooth enough and the butter kept on melting each time I took it out of the fridge. I still tried to turn and fold it, I even made a crescent and baked it. The result? A crescent-shaped biscuit. It was far from a croissant, but it still tasted like butter, like a biscuit. Seriously!

Sally Woods said to never apologize for your cooking, so I won't. It wasn't a complete failure after all. What happened to the failed croissants, you ask? I turned them into breadsticks! I chopped up some garlic, basil and thyme, folded them into the dough, rolled them up to sticks and voila!

Resourceful, no? 

I won't be posting the croissant recipe I did; who would want to follow a failed attempt anyway? Of course, this isn't the end of my croissant adventure. Next time I'll remember to knead the dough a little more and hopefully that should do the trick.

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