Monday, September 10, 2012

Roasted Fruits

Fruits are amazing. I know some people who don't enjoy eating fruits and that is just incredibly sad. They are delicious and healthy, perfect for breakfast, as snacks and especially for dessert. Among my favorite fruits are grapes, bananas, strawberries and peaches. I love peaches and it kills me that I can't have it fresh in my little tropical country. You can imagine my excitement during my Madrid trip where on my first day, I bought a kilo of peaches and ate them for breakfast (and as an afternoon snack) for a week.

Even though I can't have fresh peaches as often as I want, I have to comfort myself with canned peaches which are not bad, you guys. Give canned peaches a chance. If you're not satisfied with the plain peach halves, roast them just like what I do.

As Jamie Oliver says, do not underestimate the value and taste of roasted fruits. These are incredible and easy, giving your already delicious and healthy dessert a wonderful mellow kick.

If you have fresh fruits at hand, just half them, core them, pit them, whatever it needs then sprinkle some brown sugar on them, drizzle a little alcohol like brandy and roast them. Toss them in a pan and straight to the oven at high heat, or on a pan in a medium fire and toast or roast until they're soft enough and slightly charring.

If you sprinkle sugar and booze, you get this lovely glaze to go with it. For my canned peaches, I used the sweet syrup it comes with and a dash of vodka, and not wanting to interfere with the meat roasting in the oven, I settled with the stove top.

Remember to toss your fruits on the stove top so that it'll brown evenly. Look at the lovely brown glaze it has on its sides. Yummy. It should be soft, almost melting in your mouth when you take a bite. Pair with  crème fraîche, whipped cream or vanilla ice cream and it's such a delight. Just look at the ice cream melting like butter on toast on top of that peach. Come on you guys, come on.

Oh, and check out the awesome new The Open Oven header, yeah? Thank you so much blondie, Isabel Santos for doing this for me! I miss you already!!


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