Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

First, if you felt that there was a lag from the last post, excuse me since I had my laptop fixed. It's rather hard to type with the the 8, 9, O, L and period keys not working.

Halloween is upon us, lovely readers and let me tell you how All Hallow's Eve is an incredibly fun night to be with friends. In one sit-com I watched, Max proclaimed that "Halloween is the Super Bowl of drinking" we don't have the Super Bowl in lil' ol Manila, but I agree with Brad that the Super Bowl is the Super Bowl of drinking, therefore my quotation does not make much sense. Nevertheless, if drinking your heart out on Halloween is what you're into, don't let me stop you. In fact, let me help you! Here are some tips and reminders so you can make the most out of this year's Halloween celebration:

1. Trick or treating is always fun, no matter what age you are. Candy is always, always delicious.
2. Too embarrassed to be begging for candy on your own? Accompany your little sibling or cousin to go trick or treating and who knows, a sweet, good-looking older brother might be accompanying his little sister in trick or treating too. ;)
3. Attend a costume party. Costumes are fun because you can be whoever you want for a night, and people won't (well, they shouldn't) judge.
4. Old, overused, over-told scary stories are fun to tell, fun to hear and fun to take advantage of if you know what I mean.
5. Too old for candies? Or are candies too boring already? Make chocolate-dipped strawberries. With whiskey.

Fairly simple to make, and you can get creative with it if you like. I've had a few discoveries myself in making these.

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

A pack of fresh strawberries, washed, leaves still on
6oz semisweet/dark chocolate
3oz white chocolate, optional
1 tbsp whiskey, highly recommended

Ideally, you'll want to melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Boil some hot water, and place a bowl on top of the water, not touching. Place the chocolate on the bowl and melt it. If you're lazy however, place it on a microwavable bowl, heat in medium-high power for 30 seconds, take it out and stir. Do that twice for a total heating time of 1 minute. If you find it still a little lumpy, keep stirring, it'll eventually melt.

I was thinking of how I usually enjoy those bourbon-filled, whiskey-filled, tequila-filled chocolate treats so I thought of adding some to the chocolate mixture. So if you have whiskey or bourbon, add a tablespoon. It tastes incredible. As in hot holy damn incredible. The alcohol brings out the fullness of the flavor of the chocolate without the heat that you may be imagining and it's seriously addicting. Come on, when have I ever lied to you about the stuff I post on here?

If you want to be neat about making these, get toothpicks and place it on the top bit where the leaves are and dip the strawberry in the chocolate, avoiding getting some on your hands. Then place, the strawberry inverted, onto a styrofoam rack to set the chocolate. For a fancy little trick, melt the white chocolate, with a tsp of milk and drizzle that on top of your already dark chocolate-coated strawberry.

Chocolate and whiskey with strawberries? Come on. These are as sexy as they are delicious. I meant to share these but I ended up eating half the pack for myself. They are incredibly good and pleasantly sinful. I know strawberries are a lot pricey in this tropical country where these are hard to find, but if you manage to get your hands on them, make sure to try these out. If you're going to a costume party, or if you're throwing one, serve these and watch your guests devour them pleasurably.

Yours affectionately,

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